The Essentials - Order Before Puppy Pick-up

Healthy Start Pack

Healthy Start Pack

Healthy Start Pack


Order your Healthy Start Pack from Life's Abundance at least 10 days before picking up your puppy, so you will have it when you get home with your new puppy.

Watch the video BELOW to find out more!

With all the wonderful items in this pack; you will be ready to provide your new puppy with the best care.  This package also makes a fantastic puppy-shower gift!

High-Quality, safely manufactured foods are one of the keys to our breeding program and the incredible health of our dogs.  

NuVet K9 Wafers

Healthy Start Pack

Healthy Start Pack


You will also need to order your puppy's first bottle of NuVet before coming to get your new puppy.

The first two years of a puppy's life are critical. NuVet Plus® is perfectly balanced to provide the most effective and essential ingredients that help defend puppies from toxins and nutritional deficiencies. 

  • Boosts the Immune System                (especially important for puppies!)
  • Fortifies High Quality Bone Structure

Note: The Shark Cartilage found in NuVet is derived from a renewable fishing industry in the Atlantic.  It does not threaten any protected or endangered species of sharks, nor is it a byproduct of the infamous “shark fin soup” hunting & trade practice.  

Acadia Goldendoodles and NuVet Labs are opposed to the cruelty of shark-fin hunting.

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Other Approved Products

Puppy Pack @ PawTree

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits


We have put together a page of recommendations for your new puppy on our PawTree website.  To keep things simple, you can "take our word for it," and add all the items to your cart, then purchase.  Alternatively, you may remove any items you don't think your puppy would love (or that you don't want).  

Try it and let us know what you think!

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits


Alternating high quality foods for your puppy can prevent boredom, and provide an essential variety of protein sources.  

TLC Whole Life Puppy Food provides holistic, biologically beneficial nutrition to support your puppy’s growth and development.

Made with wholesome ingredients and super foods including farm-fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables along with probiotic cultures and powerful antioxidants. TLC delivers the ultimate balance of quality meats, animal fats, vitamins and minerals to mirror your puppy’s natural diet.

TLC is a more affordable option than Life's Abundance or PawTree.

PawTree Products

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

Treats from Life's Abundance


Delicious variety - High quality, tasty seasonings for any pet.

Premium Proteins - Freeze-dried meat, poultry and fish. Excellent grain free dog food!

Exceptional Quality - No fillers.  Only high quality ingredients you'd love to eat.

Superior Nutrition - Nutritious Superfoods and a proprietary vitamin blend.  Add to regular kibble to create healthy treats!

Treats from Life's Abundance

Treats from Life's Abundance

Treats from Life's Abundance


Any & all of these healthy treats, chews, foods or grooming products!  Life's Abundance has a great balanced-nutrition, GRAIN FREE dog food.  Treats help you bond with your puppy, train your dog, and these also provide nutritional value and are free of contaminants, unlike "junk food" treats found in stores.

These high quality chews, training treats and baked goodies offer wholesome, healthy and delicious positive training rewards. No artificial flavors or colors. No corn, wheat or corn/wheat glutens.

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers

Treats from Life's Abundance

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers


Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers are shed naturally from free range Elk, Moose & Deer, hand collected, cut and wrapped in brown-paper packages tied up in strings.  They are high quality, healthy treats for your puppy/dog.

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers will entertain your dog for hours, control tarter, and are a great source of calcium, phosphorus and zinc.   

A healthy, odor free, long lasting treat. 

Customized Nutrition from PawTree

The Facts about TLC Food & Biscuits


Family Owned and Operated

TLC is family owned and operated.  This sets us apart from almost every other brand out there, and ensures that we care about the high quality nutrition of our foods and healthy treats.

Three Protein Sources

Our special three meat blend formula is packed with high quality protein that pups easily digest and turn into important amino acids they need.  It's also awesome because chicken is lean, lamb is fatty and salmon contains DHA, Omega-3 and so much more.

Vitamins & Probiotics

TLC includes vitamins, minerals and high quality pre and probiotics, providing a complete, balanced diet.  The biscuits are healthy treats for your dog.

Fresh Food & Free Delivery

Our high quality, freshly made food and healthy treats are delivered FREE to your doorstep.

Autoship Convenience

TLC's Autoship lets you schedule your orders to arrive exactly when your best friend needs them.  It takes the stress out of owning a new puppy; you never need to worry about running out of high quality food or healthy treats!

The Paw Box Difference

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Our Partners


Training your Goldendoodle



Because most puppy classes have been cancelled, and it can be difficult to train your puppy on your own, we have partnered with Baxter and Bella, an outstanding online Puppy School.  Whether you prefer to read or watch videos this class has you covered from preparing for your puppy all the way through basic obedience and more.  As a Lifetime Member of this school, you will also have access to consultation time with Amy Jensen, the head trainer.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for our first-time puppy families, and anyone who wants a really well-trained dog.  Purchase BEFORE you get your puppy so you'll be prepared.   

                                    USE CODE: "ACADIA" for 25% OFF!!


Anyone on the following list will have excellent tips, advice, lessons and general information about raising and training your puppy.  They are our current favorites and we recommend anything they have written.

          Dr. Sophia Yin                               Patricia McConnel

          Pat Miller                                      Susan Garrett
         Karen Pryor                                  Jan Fennell

          Dr. Karen Overall                          Leslie McDevitt

          Jennifer Arnold                            Don Hanson

         Blog: Your Dog Advisor

For Service Dog Training in New England, we recommend Gilford's Golden Guardians.

Resources for those IMPORTANT first 16 weeks:

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