Puppy Supply List

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In response to frequent questions about which products to purchase, we have put together a list of recommended puppy supplies below.  We sincerely hope that you will shop for many of these items in your locally-owned (NOT big-box) pet store.  However, since that is not always possible, I have linked many of the items for your online shopping convenience.  

I love all the fun, strong chew toys (but NOT treats) made by Nylabone and Planet Dog. Kong toys are also a great thing to have on hand.

Below you will find a list of the things you may (or may not) want to have on hand for your puppy.  When appropriate, I have included sizes for the diffferent sizes of Goldendoodles. 

Feel free to call if you have questions about any of them.


Wire or Plastic Crate  (with divider, or get an additional puppy crate) 

       Standard Goldendoodles = 42" (or larger) crate

       Medium Goldendoodles = 36" (or larger) crate

       Miniature Goldendoodles = 30" (or larger) crate

Crate Cover - sized to fit the crate

Crate Bed - (for after teething) - sized to fit the crate

Travel Crate - for the ride home, and other early car trips.

Crates & Accessories

Grooming Tools

Metal Comb

     Slicker, or "Pin" Brush

     Mat Rake

     Nail Clippers

Grooming Tools & Accessories

Toys and Games

You should start with at least 5 puppy toys and rotate them to keep things fresh.  Below are some toys for your puppy and some games to eliminate boredom.  The Snuggle Puppy can help your puppy (and you!) get a good night's sleep in the beginning.  Other toys, games and balls will help keep the puppy busy, keep the brain working, provide fun, exercise and comfort.

Snuggle Puppies / Comfort Items

Toys, Games & Teething

Collars, Leashes & Training Equipment

See the Training Equipment post for more detailed information about the best products to use.  Here are the sizes for the collar and leash you will need to get started. I prefer leather, cotton or hemp products, but many people like to start out with an adjustable nylon collar and matching leash.

Flat Collar

                         Standard Goldendoodle puppies = 10" - 14" adjustable 

         Medium Goldendoodles = 8" - 10" adjustable
         Miniature Goldendoodles = 6" - 9" adjustable

6' Leash 

Get a fun color that matches your collar.  Cotton & hemp are easier on you hands - and the planet!

15' - 30' Training Lead 

The cotton or hemp webbing type are easier on your hands - and the planet!

Clicker and Treat Pouch

Training Treats (From Life's Abundance - so they're safe!)

Collars, Leashes & Training

Life With a New Puppy

While it's an exciting time, filled with tremendous joy and lots of fun, it can also be fairly messy.  Here are some suggested items for making a puppy containment area if you need to leave puppy alone for extended times, for cleaning up accidents, and puppy-proofing your home.

Puppy Proofing, Containment & Cleaning

The Paw Box Difference

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