Reading Recommendations

Our Favorite (dog related) Authors

Anyone on the following list will have excellent tips, advise, lessons and general information about raising and training your puppy.  We recommend anything they have written.

          Dr. Sophia Yin                   Patricia McConnell

          Pat Miller                          Susan Garrett

          Karen Pryor                      Jan Fennell

          Dr. Karen Overall              Leslie McDevitt

          Jennifer Arnold                Don Hanson


         Blog site: Your Dog Advisor

At Acadia Goldendoodles, we spend so much time walking, caring for, and working with, our dogs that we have started using audio books to stay up-to-date on dog related issues and pleasure reading.  We also use Kindles to save space when reading several books.  Please enjoy the authors above, no matter how you do your reading.  And, let us know if you recommend other authors!

Here are some fantastic resources for your puppy's first 16 weeks:

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Other Great Resources

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