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Willow & Champ - Medium f1

Willow has been bred to Champ for one last litter of their fantastic f1 medium Goldendoodle puppies.  These puppies will be 35-45 pounds as adults and should range in color from cream to light red.  Our Dharma is from their first litter together.  This litter is due in early January, 2019.

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Lotus and Kebo

Lotus has been bred to Kebo for another litter of beautiful, cream-colored, wavy-coated Goldendoodle puppies.  They should arrive mid-March and be ready to go to their new homes in May.  If you are on instagram, check out @murphygoldendood to see a male from their first litter, and @charlies_big_tail to see one from their most recent litter.  

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Purebred Golden Retrievers - Crystal & Hennessey

Our next litter of purebred Golden Retriever puppies is scheduled for sometime around March, 2019. Crystal will be the dam, and our own Acadia's Hennessey (Diamond's son) will be the sire.  They should be excellent dogs since both parents are beautiful English Golden Retrievers with amazing temperaments.
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Kofi and Champ

Kofi will be bred to Champ for a repeat of their Star Wars litter.  This will result in some super sweet, cream to gold colored English Goldendoodles who are on the larger side of medium and have straight to wavy coats.  Puppies now named Tank, Lulu, and Monty who sometimes show up on Facebook, and on our website, are from this litter.   The timing is uncertain, since Kofi has yet to come into heat, but these puppies will likely be born sometime in the spring and ready to go this summer. 

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New Parent Dogs

Some of our new additions will be getting their health exams this spring and should be able to start having puppies this spring and summer.  We have Sailor and Shanty, two beautiful Standard Poodles sired by one of my favorite stud dogs ever, J.D. (from Goldendoodles of Maine).  I feel honored to be continuing his line.  Also getting to breeding age this spring are Kaya, a sweet English Golden Retriever who's kind loving nature will make her a great mother, and Dory (Tesla & Champ daughter) our medium, red Goldendoodle who is fun, entertaining and adorable (we call her a little Muppet).  The DNA results have come back excellent for all of these dogs, and some have also passed heart and eye exams.  As soon as their testing is complete to GANA's red-ribbon level, they will be bred.

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