A Dharma and Sailor puppy

f1b medium

She has a wavy coat

We are truly blessed to have [Luna} as our newest addition, and could not be more impressed by her progress. We could not have asked for a better puppy. She has settled extremely well, with only a few accidents so far- mostly being our faults, but we have quickly learned when she is “asking” to go outside. We absolutely see the hard work that you have put into these pups and recognize and appreciate everything you did to prepare them for their new homes. . . . Thank you for everything.



A Tesla and Champ puppy

f1 medium

He has a wavy coat

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Teddy (Ford) is doing amazing! He was awesome on the car ride home, slept through the night in the crate next to our bed with no issues and has been busy playing, sleeping and walking around outside today! He is such a sweet boy! And so well behaved! 

Thank you again! We will send more pictures in a couple of weeks.



A Crystal and Kebo puppy 

f1 medium 

She has a wavy coat

Since we got Sadie last month, life has been a bit of a whirlwind!  We took a road trip with Sadie on our way to the Pacific Northwest during which Sadie met both our families, some friends, and saw some sights along the way. She was a perfect traveler! 

Sadie is just the best dog! She is so smart and sweet, and has such a playful and energetic
personality. We could not be happier with her!


Happy New Year to you! Sadie is doing very well. She is such a smart, playful, and loving girl- we simply can’t get enough of her! Here are a few pics across the last few months (posted on Instagram @acadiagoldendoodles). We look forward to more fun with her in 2020! 



A Kaya and Champ puppy 

f1 medium

She has a wavy coat

It's been nearly a month since Blaze came home and what a great few weeks we have had. She is an amazing puppy who is so loved!  She had a great visit at the vet and made lots of new friends (dog and human variety.)  She quickly adjusted to her routine and is very smart.

She love cuddling, jumping around the backyard and taking Jaime to his bus stop in the morning.



A Tesla and Champ puppy

f1 medium

She has a wavy coat

Thanks again for our amazing pup Winnie! We love her so much - so adorable, sweet and loving! She is about 15 lbs now - loves playing with all dogs and loves everyone she meets. She is the best! 

We can’t thank you enough.



A Sophia & Sailor Puppy 

f1b medium

She has a curly coat

Barley is doing great!  Her training is going great thanks to the amazing start you gave her. She sporadically attends a puppy school and the trainer (35 years of experience) is very impressed with her intelligence and temperament. She even went so far as to look up your website and was so impressed with your program that she has given you name out to a few families. 

So I wanted to say thank you! We love having Barley in our family.

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A Tesla and Champ Puppy

f1 Medium

He has a wavy coat

In honor of his first birthday (Dec 18), thought we’d send some action shots Rich took of Keno enjoying our first snowfall last week here in the Catskill Mountains.
Keno is a wonderful dog - very sweet, energetic, and affectionate.  We love him. 



A Lotus and Bernie Puppy

Purebred Golden Retriever

I have to say this little guy is such a good boy!  Im amazed at how good he is at 9 only weeks old.  He is so sweet, smart, calm & playful we just love him!  Thank you!! 

We all our in love  w/ him! 😊

Mighty Quinn -- Service Dog


Acadia's Equinox Picachu

A Lotus and Bernie Puppy

Purebred Golden Retriever

Quinn has already started training as a service dog for his family.  He will be helping with mobility as well as providing neurological support.  You can follow his story and watch as his training progresses on Facebook at, Mighty Quinn -- Service Dog



A Tesla and Champ Puppy

Medium f1 

She has a wavy coat

Thanks again for our amazing pup Winnie! We love her so much - so adorable, sweet and loving! She is about 15 lbs now - loves playing with all dogs and loves everyone she meets. She is the best! 

We can’t thank you enough.



A Kaya & Champ puppy 

f1 medium Goldendoodle 

He has a straight coat

We are already in love! He has been the BEST and has become part of our family instantly. He gravitates toward children and loves being around groups at soccer and the playground.

AMAZINGLY, Winston has been sleeping through the night in his crate since the first night!! I am shocked! He is so sweet and playful. Thanks again for all you did to prep him to be so wonderful.

Rosie Cotton


A Sophia & Sailor puppy 

f1b medium Goldendoodle 

She has a wavy coat

A busy Saturday for Rosie Cotton and me. First.. there was laundry to be done and then Rosie tried out her "big girl bed" in her new space. A bit stressful when she was left alone, but soon fast asleep on her big bed. Then... Hiker-dog-in-training.... some speedy runs through tall grass (she just loves tall grass) and then kerplunk! fall down in tall grass, on to log leaping practice, and river gazing. Tired girl tonight. But, a tired puppy is a happy puppy! (and happy mom!)



A Sophia & Sailor puppy 

f1b medium Goldendoodle

She has a curly coat

We are enjoying getting to know Lucy, she is a perfect fit to our family! We just love her.

She had a great appointment at the vet and they were so impressed by your organized binder.  It made the appointment much smoother. 



A Sky & J.D. puppy

f1 standard Goldendoodle 

He has a wavy coat

Tuffy is now 7 years old.  He was purchased in April of 2012. He is the most incredible animal I've ever known. I just wanted to let you know he's having it superb life and he has been extremely healthy with absolutely no issues whatsoever. It does not matter where I am or what I'm doing if that dog is with me people light up when they see him. I call him the Zen dog. The joy he has provided is almost beyond words. Just thought you might like to know how it all turned out. 

Simba - Recent update


A Champ puppy

f1 medium Goldendoodle

He has a wavy coat

I keep hearing about your new litter from friends of ours - and as you know, they love Simba and wantto bring home someone exactly like him!

Simba is having a blast and enjoying the summer - here is a picture of him playing ever so gently with a neighbor's Havanese puppy.

He is so good and brings so much joy to our family and friends. Thanks for all the great work you did with him as a puppy! We are looking forward to seeing him interact with our friends' Acadia Goldendoodle soon!



The new litter of puppies is beautiful! 

Truman is amazing, wonderful, smart and sweet. Now we know what you meant by "Muppet." So true! I attached a few pictures. He is the puppiest old soul we know. ❤

Hope things are well with all your little and big furry ones. We love our Truedog!!

Quinn (Medium/Standard f1)


Sending along an updated Quinn picture. She’s doing great and loves running around the park here in Salem. We’re looking forward to getting her down to the Cape a lot this summer and on the beach. She’s a great dog!

Bobby (Miniature f1b)


Bobby is loving being back in his home state for the summer!!  He continues to be a very calm and wonderful little guy. Thanks for all you did for him as a pup!!

Haddie (Standard f1)


My sister and her fiancé bought a Goldendoodle from you back in July 2015, Haddie. She is the sweetest girl. This was a picture I took of her after I got her 12 tennis balls because she loves to play fetch. 

UPDATE: Haddie has passed her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test.  Great Work Haddie!!

Simba (Medium f1)


It's been a few weeks now and Simba has been so good, bringing joy everyday to our family and adjusting well. He's also doing pretty well with training so far, now working on Stay for longer periods of time. He loves carrots and is always very excited to play with my daughter's friends. He loves to fetch and is learning to drop the ball when he gets to us. 

Thank you for helping us pick the right puppy for our family.

Pilot (Standard f1)


Hope you're well.

We have come to a common consensus that my wife and I love Pilot more than each other. Not sure if that's healthy for our relationship but we are coping 😁

Visited Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth yesterday with Pilot.

Monty (Medium f1)


 Montgomery is a great sleeper!  Slept through the night last night.  He is such a little love.  We could not be happier!  We will be in touch if we have questions.  Enjoy the little bit of quiet you have before the next litter comes along.  Our kids loved seeing Monty’s siblings’ family pictures. 

Take care and thank you,

Maisie (Medium f1)


"Here’s a recent picture of Maisie (formerly Michelle Obama). She’s a little over 9 months old now and I love here to pieces!  Maisie has lots of friends in Boston.  

UPDATE: Happy 1st Birthday to Maisie’s siblings, and gratitude to you, and Tesla and Champ. Maisie is wonderful. She has a sweet disposition, and loves people and other dogs. She’s doing great with obedience training and seems advanced compared to other dogs her age. 

Finn Everest (Medium f1)


Finn had his first vet appointment today.  He was such a good boy and everyone immediately fell in love with him.  

The doctor was quite impressed by your binder!  This just solidifies what I already know --- you are an AWESOME breeder!!!

THANK YOU for picking my family for this puppy . . . he is  loved beyond words.  

UPDATE: Finn is 7 months old.  He weighed in at 42.2 lbs yesterday and EVERYONE at the veterinary clinic loves him.  I think it's awesome considering the number of patients they see.

Desi (Medium f1)


Desi has settled right in.  She has an awesome personality . . . super chill and playful when the girls want to play.  She slept in her crate last night with no complaints (all night).  Thanks so much

 for all the work you did to get her this far!

UPDATE: Desi is 28 pounds!  The vet is thinking she is going to be in the 50-60 pound range.  He calls her the "perfect puppy".  She is sweet and super train-able.  She is doing an awesome job with toilet training and ringing a bell to go out.  We are so in love with her!

Tucker (Medium f1)


We thought we would share some cute pictures of Tucker ! What a sweetie! He is already house trained - uses our doggie door and goes “at will”. He is so sweet and getting so big! Loves going under our ottoman and driving in the car.

Remi (Medium f1)


We have tremendous gratitude for the gracious presence of Remi in our world! Thank you for breeding this magnificent pup, then helping us choose our dream canine!  She is indeed sweet, smart, brave alternatively rambunctious and calm when appropriate- a total joy! I run, play, and meditate with her. 

We are a joyous new family  

She retrieves, swims and is unflappable with dogs many times her size! She mixes it up with great energy and delight.

Charlie (Medium/Standard f1)


This little guy is a Lotus and Kebo puppy from their July, 2018 litter.  His auntie is running an Instagram page for him.  Follow him at: @charlies_letters_to_auntie_z

Reuben (medium/standard f1)


Just a quick note to say that Reuben is wonderful!  He sleeps through the night has had no accidents (not one) and the girls adore him!

Charlie Girl (Medium f1b) Educational (School) Worker


A Dharma and Sailor puppy

f1b medium

She has a wavy coat

Wanted to give you an update. 

Charlie Girl (formerly Jane Eyre) at school. She’s 5 months and 23lbs. of fluff.  

We absolutely adore her. 

She’s pretty perfect

Maui (Miniature f1b)


We picked up Maui last Thanksgiving weekend (November,2017).  I can't believe we ever lived without him.  He is constant sunshine in our lives.  Thank you for raising such amazing dogs and for choosing Maui for us!

Josie (medium/std f1)


Josie had 5 minutes of crying in the crate, then slept until 6:00 am.  She has not had any accidents.  I took her to work where she met a log of people and behaved beautifully.  She's afraid of traffic, so we will work on getting her used to it.  Overall, she's a perfect dog!

Denali (medium/std f1)


Denali lives an exciting life!  She does a lot of exploring here on Mount Desert Island and also travels quite a bit.  She is frequently featured on her family's facebook page and many of their posts are shared on our page.

Duke (medium f1b)


Duke is a Dharma & Sailor puppy.  His family "can’t express enough in words what a wonderful dog Duke is!  He’s brought so much joy and laughter to the family.  He’s got the best personality, temperament and social skills. Everyone he meets can’t get over how good he is especially at only 3 1/2 months!!! Proud momma here!  I credit his breeder all the time!"

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