The Essentials - Order Before Puppy Pick-up

Healthy Start Pack

Healthy Start Pack

Healthy Start Pack


Order your Healthy Start Pack from Life's Abundance at least 10 days before picking up your puppy, so you will have it when you get home with your new puppy.

Watch the video BELOW to find out more!

With all the wonderful items in this pack; you will be ready to provide your new puppy with the best care.  This package also makes a fantastic puppy-shower gift!

High-Quality, safely manufactured foods are one of the keys to our breeding program and the incredible health of our dogs.  

NuVet K9 Wafers

Healthy Start Pack

Healthy Start Pack


You will also need to order your puppy's first bottle of NuVet before coming to get your new puppy.

The first two years of a puppy's life are critical. NuVet Plus® is perfectly balanced to provide the most effective and essential ingredients that help defend puppies from toxins and nutritional deficiencies. 

  • Boosts the Immune System                (especially important for puppies!)
  • Fortifies High Quality Bone Structure

Note: The Shark Cartilage found in NuVet is derived from a renewable fishing industry in the Atlantic.  It does not threaten any protected or endangered species of sharks, nor is it a byproduct of the infamous “shark fin soup” hunting & trade practice.  

Acadia Goldendoodles and NuVet Labs are opposed to the cruelty of shark-fin hunting.

Additional Puppy Supplies

The list below is to help first-time Goldendoodle families with their preparations.  We sincerely hope that you will shop for your Goldendoodle puppy's toys, crates, etc. (but NOT the food!) in your locally-owned pet store.  However, our recommendations are also linked for your online shopping convenience.  If you do shop online, we appreciate you clicking through our links because it helps support our dogs and program.  TIA!

**COVID-19 Update**

No matter where you get your puppy supplies, be sure to either leave them outside for 3 days, or sanitize them before/as you bring them into your house.  This is for YOUR safety - your new puppy is depending on you, staying healthy is the best way to provide what s/he needs.

Please call Megan at 207-669-0766 for clarification or more information.  


Crates & Gates


Crates, exercise pens and baby/puppy gates are important for training, safety and your own peace of mind while your raise your Goldendoodle puppy.


Get the 36" size for Medium Goldendoodle puppies and the 40" or 48" size for Standards.  These should last for the puppy's entire lifetime.


Goldendoodle Grooming Tools

You will probably take your Goldendoodle to a groomer every 6-8 weeks.  In between those appointments, you will need to do some maintenance.  If you start right away, and make it fun for the puppy, it can be a nice bonding activity and keep your dog looking great for years to come.


Soft & Slicker Brushes

While your Goldendoodle is a puppy, you should have a soft brush for the face and any parts that are sensitive when brushed.  The slicker is your "go-to" brush for daily brushing throughout a Goldendoodle's life.  

Metal Comb & Mat Rake

Use a metal comb to "line brush" your dog's coat weekly, catching mats when they are small.  If you find a large mat, use the mat rake to break it up and remove it.

Nail Clippers & Scissors

Trim your Goldendoodle puppy's nails regularly.  Use the scissors to trim the hair around the eyes as needed for good vision.

Toys & Games for Goldendoodles

Your puppy supplies should include at least 5 puppy toys to start with.  Since buying toys for your dog is fun, you will probably add quite a few more later. 

We love the classic products from Planet Dog, Kong and Nylabone.

See the categories, descriptions and links below for ideas.


Snuggle & Soft Toys

Get a few soft toys for your puppy.  Rotate them to keep things interesting (and clean). The Snuggle Puppy can help your puppy (and you!) get a good night's sleep in the beginning.

Chew Toys & Balls

Chewing will be essential in the beginning, as your Goldendoodle looses puppy teeth and grows new, adult teeth.  Even as they get older, many dogs enjoy some chewing time each day.  Balls are great for exercising and some like to carry them.

Interactive Games

Interactive toys and games will reduce boredom and keep your puppy's brain active.  Goldendoodle puppies need physical AND mental exercise. The best dog food dispenser toys I have found are from Kong and Planet Dog.

Training Equipment for Goldendoodles

Training should be fun for you and your puppy, so be sure to get some equipment you'll enjoy.  I prefer equipment made of leather, cotton and hemp, but many people like to start out with an adjustable nylon collar and matching leash.  There are many color and pattern choices available.

Start with a good flat collar, a leash, and a long training lead.  Those are the basic essentials. Then, depending on your training methods and preferences, you can add a clicker, a treat bag and some other training devices.  

Please do NOT use choke collars, prong collars or other force-based equipment on you Goldendoodle!


Collar & Leash Sizes

Collar = 9-14 inches

Training Lead = 30 feet

Collar = 9-14 inches

Leash = 6 feet

Training Lead = 30 feet

Collar = 9-14 inches

Training Lead = 30 feet

Training Lead = 30 feet

Training Lead = 30 feet

Dog Doors & Yard Clean-up


While it's an exciting time, filled with tremendous joy and lots of fun, it can also be fairly messy.  Here are some items for making a potty training and yard clean-up easier.  Acadia Goldendoodle puppies know how to use a dog door  - so if you have one, things should be even easier. 

Breeder-Approved Products

Puppy Pack @ PawTree

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits


We have put together a page of recommendations for your new puppy on our PawTree website.  To keep things simple, you can "take our word for it," and add all the items to your cart, then purchase.  Alternatively, you may remove any items you don't think your puppy would love (or that you don't want).  

Try it and let us know what you think!

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits


Alternating high quality foods for your puppy can prevent boredom, and provide an essential variety of protein sources.  

TLC Whole Life Puppy Food provides holistic, biologically beneficial nutrition to support your puppy’s growth and development.

Made with wholesome ingredients and super foods including farm-fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables along with probiotic cultures and powerful antioxidants. TLC delivers the ultimate balance of quality meats, animal fats, vitamins and minerals to mirror your puppy’s natural diet.

TLC is a more affordable option than Life's Abundance or PawTree.

PawTree Products

TLC Pet Food & Biscuits

Treats from Life's Abundance


Delicious variety - High quality, tasty seasonings for any pet.

Premium Proteins - Freeze-dried meat, poultry and fish. Excellent grain free dog food!

Exceptional Quality - No fillers.  Only high quality ingredients you'd love to eat.

Superior Nutrition - Nutritious Superfoods and a proprietary vitamin blend.  Add to regular kibble to create healthy treats!

Treats from Life's Abundance

Treats from Life's Abundance

Treats from Life's Abundance


Any & all of these healthy treats, chews, foods or grooming products!  Life's Abundance has a great balanced-nutrition, GRAIN FREE dog food.  Treats help you bond with your puppy, train your dog, and these also provide nutritional value and are free of contaminants, unlike "junk food" treats found in stores.

These high quality chews, training treats and baked goodies offer wholesome, healthy and delicious positive training rewards. No artificial flavors or colors. No corn, wheat or corn/wheat glutens.

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers

Treats from Life's Abundance

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers


Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers are shed naturally from free range Elk, Moose & Deer, hand collected, cut and wrapped in brown-paper packages tied up in strings.  They are high quality, healthy treats for your puppy/dog.

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers will entertain your dog for hours, control tarter, and are a great source of calcium, phosphorus and zinc.   

A healthy, odor free, long lasting treat. 

Kuranda, Chew-Proof Dog Beds

Medical Pet Insurance

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